Math 126 EC, ED

Calculus with Analytic Geometry III

Spring Quarter 2011

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Your grades will be posted this week.

Thank you for your collaboration. Good luck!

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The course instructor is Dr Jennifer Taggart
Office hours: Monday 2:00 - 4:00, Wednesday 2:30 - 4:30 at Padelford Hall C334
E-mail: taggart[a_t]

The teaching assistant is Andrey Sarantsev
Office hours: Tuesday 4:00 - 5:00, Thursday 4:00 - 5:00, Math Study Center, Communications Building B014, cubicle 1.
E-mail: ansa1989[a_t]

Time Schedule

Challenge Problems with Solutions

On some quiz sections, you will be given a set of Challenge Problems taken from old exams. This is a practice for midterms and the final exam. They are totally non-mandatory; solving or not solving them will not affect your grade in any way. I advise you to try to solve them during quiz section and then compare your solutions to the given ones.

Miscellaneous Materials


Your grade will consist of:


Homework will be assigned and collected via Webassign. Homework will generally be due at 11:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Course Calendar: Due Dates for Homework

Extensions and extra submissions on homework will not be given under any circumstances. There will be a certain number of grace points on homework, meaning you may miss that number of homework points and still receive a perfect score on homework at the end of the quarter. (The exact number of grace points will depend on the total number of homework points offered during the quarter and will be at least half of the average assignment value.)

How to Use Webassign

In order to access and submit your homework for grading, you will use Webassign. You will need a "Webassign access code" which you can purchase with or without the text at the University Bookstore or at

Here is a description of how to get registered on Webassign and begin accessing the homework.


  1. Midterm 1. Tuesday, April 26, on quiz section

    • Old 1st Midterms
    • Statistics:
      • EC: mean 33.45, median 34, deviation 11.85
      • ED: mean 33.08, median 33, deviation 12.12
      • the whole E section: mean 33.19, median 34, deviation 11.2

  2. Midterm 2. Tuesday, May 17, on quiz section

    • Old 2st Midterms
    • Statistics:
      • EC: mean 40.63, median 44.5, deviation 9.16
      • ED: mean 39.95, median 41, deviation 8.65
      • the whole E section: mean 40.06, median 42, deviation 8.32

  3. Final Exam. Saturday, June 4, 1:30 - 4:20pm

Rules for taking exams


By default, the sections in the syllabus below relate to the Stewart's book

  1. Analytic Geometry

    • Three-dimensional Cartesian coordinates and vectors (12.1-2)
    • Polar coordinates (10.3)
    • Dot and cross product (12.3-4)
    • Lines and planes (12.5)
    • Quadric surfaces (12.6)

  2. Differential Geometry

    • Derivatives and integrals of vector functions (10.2, 13.2)
    • Curvature (13.3)
    • Motion in the space: velocity and acceleration (13.4)

  3. Multivariable Differential Calculus

    • Partial derivatives of first and higher orders (14.3)
    • Tangent planes and linear approximation (14.4)
    • Local maxima and minima of functions of two variables (14.7)

  4. Multivariable Integral Calculus

    • Definition of double integrals (15.1, 15.3)
    • Double and iterated integrals (15.2)
    • Double integrals in polar coordinates (15.4)
    • Applications of double integrals (15.5)

  5. Taylor Polynomials and Taylor Series (Taylor Notes)

    • Linear and quadratic approximation (sections 1-2)
    • Taylor approximation in the general case (section 3)
    • Taylor series (sections 4-5)

Math Study Center

The Math Study Center (located in Communication B-014) is a great place for students to work on math, WHETHER OR NOT THEY NEED HELP. We are not a tutoring center in the traditional sense. We provide a comfortable place and a supportive atmosphere for students to come together and study, in groups or individually.

We have on staff a number of tutors (both graduate student TA's and advanced undergraduates) who will sit down with students and answer questions to help them get unstuck. We do not provide long blocks of uninterrupted one-on-one tutoring. Textbooks, calculators and other study materials are available to be checked out for in-room use.

We are located in the basement of the Communications Building, room B-014.

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