Pstat 172B

  Actuarial Statistics, Spring 2009

Class: TR 5-6:15 pm  
Location: Phelps Hall 1444  
Office Hours: TR 3:30-4:30 pm  
   South Hall 5518

Discussion: Wed 11-11:50 am  
Location: Arts 1251  
Office Hours: Tue 12:30-1:30 pm  
   South Hall 5431A

Final will be given on Wed,
 June 10th  at 7:30-10:30 pm. 



  Mar 31: Introduction to Benefit Reserves
                Fully continuous benefit reserves 
                Read sections 7.1-7.2. 
                 Homework 1  HW1 Solutions

  Apr   2: Benefit Reserves
                Fully continuous benefit reserves
                Read sections 7.2-7.3.

  Apr   7: Benefit Reserves
                Fully discrete benefit reserves
                Read section 7.4.
                 Homework 2   HW2 Solutions 
                Quiz 1   Quiz 1 Solutions

  Apr   9: Benefit Reserves
                Benefit reserves on a semi-continuous basis, Benefit reserves based on true m-thly benefit premiums
              Read sections 7.5-7.6.

  Apr 14: Analysis of Benefit Reserves
             Benefit reserves for general insurances
             Read sections  8.1-8.2.
                 Homework 3   HW3 Solutions  
                Quiz 2   Quiz 2 Solutions

  Apr 16: Analysis of Benefit Reserves 
             Recursion relations for fully discrete benefit reserves, Benefit reserves at fractional durations
             Read sections 8.3-8.4.

  Apr 21: Multiple Life Functions
              Joint distributions of future lifetimes
              Read sections 9.1-9.2.
                 Homework 4   HW4 Solutions     
                Quiz 3   Quiz 3 Solutions

  Apr 23: Multiple Life Functions
              Joint-life status, Last-survivor status
              Read section 9.3-9.4.

  Apr 28: Multiple Life Functions
              More probabilities and expectations
              Read section 9.5.

  Apr 30: Midterm Exam
                Sample Midterm Exam: '08 Midterm Exam 
                '09 Midterm Exam Solutions 

  May  5: Multiple Life Functions
               Dependent lifetime models
              Read section 9.6.  
                 Homework 5   HW5 Solutions     

  May  7: Multiple Life Functions
              Insurance and annuity benefits
              Read section 9.7.  

  May 12: Multiple Life Functions
              Simple contingent functions
              Read section 9.9.  
                 Homework 6   HW6 Solutions  
                Quiz 4   Quiz 4 Solutions

  May 14: Multiple Decrement Models
              Two random variables
              Read sections 10.1-10.2.

  May 19: Multiple Decrement Models
              Two random variables
              Read sections 10.1-10.2.
                 Homework 7   HW7 Solutions    
                Quiz 5   Quiz 5 Solutions

  May 21: Multiple Decrement Models
              Random survivorship group, Deterministic survivorship group
              Read sections 10.3-10.4.         

  May 26: Multiple Decrement Models
              Associated single decrement tables
              Read section 10.5.         
                 Homework 8    HW8 Solutions
                Quiz 6   Quiz 6 Solutions

  May 28: Multiple Decrement Models
              Construction of a multiple decrement table
              Read section 10.6.

   Jun  2: Applications of Multiple Decrement Theory
              Actuarial present values, Benefit premiums and reserves
              Read sections 11.1-11.2.
                Quiz 7   Quiz 7 Solutions

   Jun  4: Applications of Multiple Decrement Theory, Review
              Actuarial present values, Benefit premiums and reserves
              Read sections 11.2-11.3.   

  Jun 10: Final Exam (WEDNESDAY 7:30-10:30 PM)
              Sample Final Exam: '08 Final Exam 


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