Office Hours for Spring 2014

By appointment. I am not teaching regularly scheduled classes this quarter.


I have taught numerous Probability, Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Courses both at U of Michigan and UCSB (all websites are on Gauchospace)

Actuarial Program

Together with Raya Feldman I have also been co-directing the UCSB Actuarial Program.

As part of this I have been supervising each year multiple groups of students working on Actuarial Research Project (Pstat 296). These involve an industrial partner providing a project topic and a full research report coming in the end.

Last year, one of the students, Michael Loginov, presented the results at the Actuarial Research Conference and was awarded a prize for it.

Student Projects

I also regularly supervise students through Directed Studies (Pstat 199) classes. These include: If you're a junior or senior undergraduate majoring in ActSci or FMS, you are welcome to stop by and discuss research opportunities.