Index of Circstats Programs

The CircStats library contains the following functions, all of which have online help 
available. Detailed descriptions of these programs as well as the programs  are available 
from the book  "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001). These programs have been written 
using S-Plus, which is widely used in the universities and other academic settings. 
For those who do not have access to S-Plus, an alternative would be to download a FREE 
version of a different language called R, to be found at 
by going to the "R Binaries" link under "Software". Then use an R version of the CircStats 
library that can be downloaded also FREE, from the website

CircStats Functions

Name Description

A1 Ratio of First and Zero$^{th}$ Order Bessel A1inv Inverse of A1 bessel.0 Zero$^{th}$ Order Bessel Function of the First Kind bessel.1 First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind bessel.p $p^{th}$ Order Bessel Function of the First Kind Change Point Test circ.cor Correlation Coefficient for Angular Variables circ.mean Mean Direction circ.plot Circular Data Plot circ.reg Circular/Circular Regression Circular Standard Deviation circ.summary Circular Summary Statistics dcard Cardioid Density Function deg Degrees dmixedvm Mixture of von Mises Distributions dtri Triangular Density Function dvm von Mises Density Function dwrpcauchy Wrapped Cauchy Density Function est.kappa Estimate Kappa est.rho Mean Resultant Length kuiper Kuiper's Test plot.edf Plot Empirical Distribution Function pvm Cumulative Probability for the von Mises Distribution qqvm von Mises Quantile-Quantile Plot rad Radians rao.homogeneity Rao's Tests for Homogeneity rao.spacing Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity rayleigh Rayleigh Test of Uniformity rcard Random Generation from the Cardioid Distribution rmixedvm Random Generation from the Mixed von Mises Distribution rose.diag Rose Diagram rtri Random Generation from the Triangular Distribution rvm Random Generation from the von Mises Distribution rwrpcauchy Random Generation from the Wrapped Cauchy Distribution rwrpnorm Random Generation from the Wrapped Normal Distribution rwrpstab Random Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution trig.moment Trigonometric Moment watson Watson's Test watson.two Watson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Wrapped Cauchy Distribution



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