Tomoyuki ICHIBA

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics & Applied Probability and Center for Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Research, and Mathematics in College of Creative Studies

at University of California Santa Barbara

Teaching record. It is my great pleasure that we share our knowlege and power for our community and for our future. I admit that teaching is always challenging and sometimes saddly it turns out very difficult due to mutual misunderstandings. However, in many aspects of my intellectual activities I am deeply indebted and thankful to all my previous teachers (including authors of textbooks and journal articles), friends and students. This is the simple reason why I like class and would try to do my best in class.

Teaching at UCSB

Current Teaching (Summer 2016) :

PSTAT 182 T (online)

Some of course materials can be found in UCSB Gauchospace.

Actuarial Mathematics/Statistics 172 A(Winter '10). 172 B (Spring '10), 182 T (Spring '10, Spring '11, Winter '12, Spring '12), 171 (Fall '10, Fall '11, Summer '12). 173 (Winter '12).

Introduction to Math Finance 170 (Spring '13, Spring '14, Winter '15, Spring '15).

Probability 120 A (Summer '10), 120 B (Winter '11), 160A (Fall '15), 160B (Winter '16, Spring '16), CCS Math Probability (Spring '14, Spring '15, Spring '16).

Undergraduate Independent Research 199 (Spring-Summer '10, Spring '12, Spring '13, Fall '13, Winter '14, Spring '14 (In Spring '13 research in part was supported by FRAP URCA Grant), Fall '14, Winter '15, Spring '15, Summer '15)

Math Finance 223 A (Fall '13), 223 B (Winter '13, Winter '14), 223 C (Spring '13).

(partially) Seminar Course 262 FM (Superprocesses in Winter '10, Malliavin calculus in Winter '11, Concentration inequalities in Winter '12).

Department Seminar (2012-2014)

Teaching, TA and RA at Columbia University