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Actuarial Statistics

The Statistics Department at UCSB has an exceptional actuary program, the only one of its kind in California and the only one of two on the entire west coast. Our active Actuarial Club is a huge asset to the program and help to students.

What are actuaries? Actuaries have been called "financial architects". They specialize in the evaluation of risk and are a vital part of the insurance and financial industries. Our graduates interview for positions on campus with top corporations before graduation and have been hired by Farmers Insurance, Pacific Mutual, Fireman's Fund Insurance, Transamerica Life Companies, Franklin Templeton, Capital One, and many others.

Advantages of the Actuarial career are:

* You could potentially earn greater than $150,000/year
* A highly-valued position where you control your advances (even up to CEO!)
* Actuaries are increasing in demand while the supply remains limited

According to the U.S. Department of Labor andBureau of Labor Statistics, employment of actuaries is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations through 2014. For more information check out: Sloan Career Cornerstone News reviews of the Actuarial Science including employer options, salary ranges, career path forecasts and more.

Statistical Science major: Actuarial Concentration
All statistics majors will be assigned a faculty advisor. Their advice is crucial in designing a coherent undergraduate program. For more information, please visit the department at South Hall, 5607A.

Recommended preparation for major: Two years of algebra and courses in plane geometry and trigonometry at high school.

Preparation for the major required courses: Math 3A*-B*-C*, 5A*-B*, 8* and Computer Science 10. (Students should plan on satisfying these requirements early in their freshman and sophomore years.)

*A minimum grade of C is required in the prerequisite courses

Upper Division major courses: PSTAT 120A-B-C, 122, 126 and 12 units from PSTAT 170, 171, 172A-B, 173

Elective: 12 elective units of PSTAT courses**

8 units from other PSTAT courses not used in areas above or Math 104A-B-C, 108A-B, 111A-B-C, 117, 118A-B-C, 132A-B; Economics 100A-B, 104A-B, OR 134A-B

**Up to 4 of the elective units may be chosen from courses in related departments, approved by the major advisor as part of a coherent statistics program.

Note: PSTAT 133A-B-C, and Math 100A-B, 101A-B, 102A-B, 193 will NOT apply to the major.

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